Inaugural Lecture Monographs

Edited by Prof Dr Adams Bodomo, Universitaetsprofessor, Afrikanische Sprachen und Literaturen (University of Vienna)
The ILM series aims to publish monographs of not more than 50 pages (or 15,000 words or 100 000 characters with spaces). Inaugural lectures often comprise stimulating discussions by top-level academics; indeed, inaugural lectures are often given by the top 5% of scholars in the discipline concerned, yet there are hardly any series dedicated solely to these high quality lectures. GALDA Press (Galda Verlag), Berlin has set up the ILM to fill this vacuum. Galda Press can work on delivering the published monograph before or after the inaugural lecture.

Prospective authors should contact our editorial assistant, Anissa Strommer at for guidelines to submitting a manuscript.