Employment Relations in Cameroon (PDF)


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Who need to know about employment relations in Cameroon? Is it just students, legal professionals and researchers? Work is basic to man’s life. As Rifkin once said, from the Palaeolithic hunter/gatherer through the Neolithic farmer, medieval craftsman to the assembly line worker of the present century, civilisation and development have remained intrinsically linked to work. Work which is the bedrock of employment relationship is sacrosanct and employment relations must be under just and favourable work conditions that and has been preserved in the Bill of Rights, different international, regional and local laws . Textbooks in Cameroon up to now have focused mainly on labour law without paying specific attention to the economic and social rights, their preservation, vocational training and most especially the social security and social welfare of the workers in which labour a factor of production resides. The discussions here deal only with private sector employment as instructed by the Labour Code 1992 and not civil servants guided by the Civil Service. This is the import of this book.

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July 20, 2022

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Irene Fokum Sama-Lang is an Associate Professor of labour and land rights with a bias for gender rights at the University of Buea-Cameroon, Faculty of Laws and Political Science. She is the current Head of Department of Public Law and Public Administration. She has published single and co-authored articles in A rated peer reviewed journals. She has equally authored a book on employment security. She is co-author of two published books on gender land rights. She enjoys multi-disciplinary research and has won several research grants both local and international.