Effects of Technology Transfer on the Culture of the Matigsalug of Davao City, Philippines


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Category: ISBN: 9783941267220


The book is about the techno-cultural journey of the Matigsalug of Davao City, Philippines. Called “People of the River”, the Matigsalug people’s identity is known to have a solid link with the Davao River. It has, thus, become ironic that the introduced technology is about water. The book talks about a water safety system that showcases strong multi-stakeholder partnership while highlighting the importance of social preparation, communication, and technology itself in the technology transfer process involving a unique group of individuals.

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February 2018

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Aristotle P. Carandang, LPT, MPS, PhD is Chief of Communication Resources and Production Division, Science and Technology Information Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, Philippines. His research interests are on S&T popularization for the grassroots and the marginalized and New Media for S&T Communication.