West New Guinea. West Papua – A Photo Album


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Indonesia’s easternmost landfall, is also its final hidden gemstone; from the depths of its oceans, to its rich mangroves, lowland and montane rainforests, alpine tundra and equatorial glaciers and its highest peak between the Himalayas and the Andes, few have had the chance to explore its secrets. Home to the world’s richest coral reef, a par exemplar of terrestrial biodiversity, and a nexus of over 250 of the world’s spoken languages, it awaits discovery.
Landscapes formed by millions of years of bigeograhical evolution, thousands of species of exotic flora and fauna, and traditional peoples whose histories, cultures and traditions stretch back 50,000 years are all found in this paradise.
Journey with Kal Muller through this Photo Album and see the faces and places of West New Guinea that have left indelible marks on his 20-year sojourn and memory of this unique corner of the world.

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