Accordion Music from Sudan: Cultural and Historical Features


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Sudan is known for ethnic diversity in its various regions, and these characteristics have given it a richness of music rarely found elsewhere. Sudanese music is steeped in many traditional and modern folk songs. In this book, the author selected samples of the known and reliable stages, along with the valuable information about the authors and singers and presented in a historical context that allows the reader to identify a drop of the sea of this rich music, and multi-prepared accordion scientifically allows the academic student to recognize the capabilities of the composer and the author’s capabilities in scientific preparation, also the author’s melodies to benefit.

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May 2018

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Abdalla Salih, Ph.D. is assistant Professor of Sudan University for sciences and technology- College of Music and Drama, Music Department, he engages in multidisciplinary researches, but specializes on Accordion and Sudanese folklore cultural studies, and  interested in audio and music technology.