History as Literary Narratives: Philippine History in F. Sionil Jose’s Viejero and Alfred Yuson’s Great Philippine Jungle Energy Café


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Category: ISBN: 9783941267336


This study examines F. Sionil Jose’s Viajero and Alfred Yuson’s Great Philippine Jungle Energy Café as works of historiographic metafiction written under a postcolonial project. A reimaging of historical events through fiction allows both authors to illustrate counter-memory to fill gaps in popular, written history. By journeying through Philippine history and re-imagining events to fit their own representation, the authors could give light to certain parts of Philippine history that have somehow been suppressed or silenced and forgotten. Through use of fiction, F. Sionil Jose and Alfred Yuson were able to recreate Philippine history by rediscovering the lost memories of the Filipino people.

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July 2017

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Camille Denise Lucido Rellosa, M.A., is a graduate of the University of Asia and the Pacific with a degree on Humanities. Her research interests cover both local and foreign, historical and literary works.