Issues in African Revolution


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For centuries revolution in Africa has been misunderstood and given controversial conceptualization. For most scholars and policy makers, revolution cannot occur in Africa as Africa is backward and lacks the necessary political culture and values to carry out a successful revolution. Hence most revolutions in Africa are described as mere Arab Spring, uprising, terrorism or insurgence. Therefore, this book seeks to examine and conceptualize the basic issues that make up African revolution; highlighting the key pillars of African revolution: liberation, emancipation and development. Also, the book provides a comprehensive overview of revolution in the study of African politics and gives an intellectual insight into the specific principles, theories and philosophy of revolutions in Africa. We hope that the varieties of ideas discussed in this book will help to understand the dynamics of revolution in African societies.

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April 2020

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Chigozie Enwere Ph.D, the pioneer Head of Department, Political Science and International Relations of Nile University of Nigeria. His research interest is in the areas of African Politics, International Relations and Strategic Studies.