Petroleum Resources and Nigeria: A Socio-Legal Perspective


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Category: ISBN: 9783962030063


This book addresses the impact State ownership of Petroleum oil has had on the social, political and economic structure of Nigeria. The conflict is as a result of the struggle for control of the resources by different segments of the society as well as issues of environmental degradation and the negative impact on the economic progress of the host areas. The book traces the history of oil in Nigeria and its influence on the development structure of the country. It concludes that the stability of the Nigerian State is connected to an equitable handing of the nation’s resources, in this case, oil, which results in a better distribution of the benefits of the resources especially for the host areas.

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December 2017

Author Information

O.A. Odiase-Alegimenlen is a Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Benin. Her research interest is in the interrelationship of between Natural resources in general and societal development.

Mobolaji Precious Ezekiel is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law University of Benin, in Nigeria. She is interested in issues relating to Natural resources, especially Petroleum Law.