Popular Games and the Universal Identity: An Egyptian Prospect (PDF)


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Popular games is a means of endorsing social peace, equality and freedom among all strata of society. They could also ensure social security by entrenching anti-violence precept which promotes social tranquility. Games spread knowledge and experience exchange; both are cornerstones of sustainable development. They are also a means of education into the customs and tradition of various nations.»We all play…We are all Human« should be the logo of the era on the sports, arts, and social levels so that games reflect our true and authentic universal identity.Ancient Egypt, China and India are three of the earliest countries in developing popular games.This book presents the Egyptian philosophy of popular games.Playing is a Universal Language.We play…..We are human.

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November 2018

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>Dr. Iman Mahran is an associate professor of material culture at the High Institute for popular arts, Arts Academy in Cairo. Also she is an international exhibited artist. The artist and scientist is the author of more than 20 books on popular culture, chronicling Egyptian Songs and drama.