The Security of Private Service Employment in the Post-Economic Crisis Period of Cameroon: A Common Law Perspective


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Security of employment is an integral part of the right to work, a core socio-economic right recognised and preserved by a variety of international human rights instruments and the Cameroon Labour Code, 1992. This book reviews the nature of work in Cameroon with emphasis on the security of tenure in private sector employment in Cameroon analysing in course the principal definitive ingredient of employment in the Labour Code 1992 which makes the worker subordinate and subservient to the employer with profound implications on the security of employment. It dwells extensively on how contracts of employments are determined with a critical analysis on dismissals and the resolution of labour and employment disputes emphasising in course that the weak remedies are conducive to the climate responsible for the insecurity of employment especially as the staff representatives and the ‘new form’ of trade union are unable to execute their delicate role.

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July 2017