The Freedom of Information Act: A Catalyst for Public Governance Advancement in Nigerian Public Service Institutions (PDF)


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In Nigeria, poor public governance is one of the major reasons for the mismatch between public service needs and investments of the government in the public service sector. Evolving from this are challenges which inhibit optimal administration, accountability, and productivity in public service institutions. Various public service reforms initiated by the Nigerian government to address these challenges are yet to optimally address the paradox between public service needs and government investments in public service institutions. In view of this, this paper explores a sustainable approach by advocating for a citizens’ centered reform through public governance, a deviation from the traditional approach to public service reforms. Since public governance thrives on access to information, this paper examines the FOI Act a viable tool for public service stakeholders to legitimately and sustainably advance public governance in public service institutions. It further explores the role of private sector organisations in public service delivery and how public service stakeholders can ensure their compliance to public governance principles through the FOI Act and other applicable legal framework.

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January 2019

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Ngozi Emmanuela Maduka, LL.M. (Derby) is a Research Fellow at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. Her research interest are on Public law and Compliance.