The Seller’s Liability for the Non-Conformity of Goods to the Contract of Sale of Goods under the OHADA Uniform Act on General Commercial Law: Common Law Perspective (PDF)


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This book assesses the seller’s duty of conformity of goods to a contract of sale of goods in the OHADA Uniform Act of General Commercial Law. It highlights the fact the notion of ‘ conformity’ today is not efficient as business practices by sellers are to an extent characterised by deception, false pretense, misrepresentation and false promises. Sellers do not usually deliver goods which correspond to the agreed specifications in a contract of sale of goods. This book thus has as general objective to ascertain the extent to which the OHADA law effectively constrain sellers to ensure the conformity of goods they sell to commercial buyers and eventually to consumers as per the contractual stipulations.

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February 2019

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ROLAND DJIEUFACK, (Ph.D), is a Senior Lecturer of Law, Head of Department of Law in the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College, The University of Bamenda, Cameroon. He is also a visiting Lecturer in the Faculties of Laws and Political Sciences in the Universities of Dschang and Buea, Cameroon. He is author of several peer reviewed journal articles in national and foreign journals. His research interest is on Commercial and Consumer Laws.