Thoughts on Intersubjectivity and Infinite Responsibility


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This book contains in depth exposition, analysis, and evaluation of the concept of intersubjectivity. It connects intersubjectivity with human nature, intuition (telepathy), emotional intelligence, ethics, religion and the role of institutions to show that genuine human relation (self-other-regarding attitude) can always be sustained without it becoming a thing-centred relations (self-thing-regarding attitude). And it also highlights the positive practical implications the human-centred relation has for man and society: gender and racial/ethnic equality, mutual employer-employee relations, inter-faith dialogue (religious tolerance), dispute and conflict resolution through a round table negotiation, discourages sexual harassment and child abuse, and the emphasis on ethics in business related matters.

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18 April, 2023

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About the author

Anderson Chiemeka Ahuaza, PhD is a research assistant at the William Amo Centre for Philosophy and Public Affairs, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His research interest is on Philosophy of human rights, Intersubjectivity and infinite responsibility in human relations.