Job Burnout, Organizational Citizenship Behavior And Workplace Relationship Among Human Resources Employees


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Philippine Research Colloquium, Psychology Series Volume 2

This research investigated the possible relationship between Job Burnout, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Workplace Relationship. Specifically, the research involved 150 Human resources employees from different companies in Pasig City, Makati City and Quezon City. Quota sampling was employed in determination of the respondents. The respondents had an average level of burnout with the reported mean of 68.93. The respondents were found to be above average on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, obtaining a mean of 126.8. On the other hand, respondents were found to be average level of workplace relationship with a mean of 141.11.
Overall, using the Pearson’s correlation test. From the results, it was found that the variable of job burnout has no significant relationship with organizational citizenship behavior. While Job Burnout and Workplace Relationship are significantly correlated.

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June 2016