Life Satisfaction, Psychological Well-Being, Self-Regulation and Job Performance Among Government Employees


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Philippine Research Colloquium, Psychology Series Volume 3

The main aim of the study was to determine the relationship between life satisfaction, psychological well-being, self-regulation and job performance among government employees. A total sample of 100 government employees was chosen through convenience sampling from seven different departments of Quezon City Hall, namely: City Accounting Department, City Assessors Office, City Engineering Department, City Personnel’s Office, Barangay Operations Center, Department Building Official and Quezon City housing and Urban Renewal Authority. The researchers used a correlational method to determine the relationship of life satisfaction, psychological well-being, self-regulation and job performance. Results shows that the level of life satisfaction of the government employees is slightly satisfied, on the other hand the level of psychological well-being is high while the level of self-regulation is intermediate or moderate self-regulation capacity. Furthermore, the level of job performance based on the employee’s performance evaluation is very satisfactory. The results also shows that there is no significant relationship between life satisfaction and psychological well-being, self-regulation and life satisfaction, job performance and life satisfaction, job performance and psychological well-being, job performance and self-regulation. However, there is a significant relationship between self-regulation and psychological well-being among the government employees of Quezon City Hall.

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June 2016

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