Listening Competences in English: A Descriptive Study of Primary Teacher Trainees in Kenya


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Listening is an important language skill in language learning because it is the foundation on which the other language skills are predicated. Apart from listening being important in language learning, it is fundamental in social interactions. English on the other hand is an important language in Kenya because it is the medium of instruction from class four to institutes of higher learning.  Learning in Kenya is mostly theoretical. This therefore makes listening in English crucial for learning to take place in any Kenyan context.

Primary school teachers need listening skills in English in order to interact with their learners effectively. The book establishes the listening ability in English of primary school teachers in Kenya. It further correlates the listening ability in English of primary school teachers to the social variables of sex, age, entry behaviour, college type and performance in Mid-course examination. Different strategies by different stakeholders are suggested in order to improve primary school teachers listening abilities in English.

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January 2018

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Lydiah Wambui Wangungu, Ph.D. is a lecturer at South Eastern Kenya University- Kitui, Kenya. Her research interest is in Applied Linguistics