Public Relations in Practice. For the Leader with an Eye on Success! (PDF)


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This book, Public Relations in Practice: For the Leader with an Eye on Success, provides the Public Relations enthusiast a fresher’s approach to dealing with the ever-increasing demands for Public Relations learning, teaching and practice. It deploys specialised approach in dealing with issues that challenge the PR practitioner. The book, apart from dealing with commonplace Public Relations functions, also treats PR ecology, lobbying, and understanding the incursion, engagements and challenges of social media in Public Relations activities. The book re-echoes the principles of leveraging on goodwill, engaging stakeholders, and sustaining an ambience for existentialism. The treatment of the issues is a product of practising and teaching Public Relations courses across several sectors and institutions which has brought depth, specificity, experience and freshness to the table. It is engaging, and helps the user to have an eye for Public Relations successes.

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Dr Patrick Ene Okon is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, University of Calabar, Nigeria. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations from University of Nigeria and Ph.D. from University of Uyo, Nigeria. He specialises in Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism and Media Studies.

Dr Presly ‘Ruke Obukoadata is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mass Communication, University of Calabar, Nigeria. He holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from University of Uyo, Nigeria; and specialises in Brand Communications, Media Studies, Development Communication, as well as New Media Metamorphosis.