Woman, Nyɔnu, Femme: an Identity in the Making (PDF)


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This book entitled “Woman, Nyɔnu, Femme: an Identity in the Making” is a reflection on some aspects of the woman’s past, current, and future life. It calls for her originality in her future decisive and significant role. The future is key because her past has been (and still is, in some cultures) fraud with patriarchal roles. Her current life is a rob Peter to pay Paul life. It is noted that even though current jobs, carriers and works serve positively as previous studies/knowledge in her development, nonetheless, the woman is predominantly living in the man’s created patriarchal world where she is yet to demonstrate originality. Some points discussed in the book are as follows: the previous study/scholarship what does it matter for?; the female body; different training, home/informal, church, marriage, school and high schooling; detachment from emotions; the woman and emotions etc. The prose itself is very short, however, the appendix is altogether a redundant data but positively revelatory of young men’s and woman’s viewpoints concerning women’s emancipation.

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November 2021